“I think the greatest travel bargain in any city is a walking tour, and the wisest extravagance is a private guide, whether at Disney World or the Vatican.”

Ann Cochran. Writer.

Ann Cochran has written about traveling through the South in a vintage rail car, brain surgery, fine watches, and journeys of faith. She has described too many golf courses in the Mid-Atlantic but will never tire of writing about the fun of adding golf to an Italian itinerary.

Her articles have been published in regional and national magazines, and she was awarded a Washington Writing Prize for personal essay. From her home base just outside Washington, DC, she divides her time between corporate communications and feature writing.

Selected Writings

Downsizing Shouldn’t Be A Downer

Retirement: So you’ve lived in your house for decades — collecting a whole lot of stuff along the way — and now you’re moving to a place without a basement or an attic or even another level? Consider hiring an expert to ease the burden. Published in Washingtonian,...

Naturally Curious Introduces City Kids to the Great Outdoors

Unstructured outdoor play is key to developing minds Where can children in New York City find a little taste of the great outdoors? It’s not that easy when you live in a giant maze of concrete and steel, where gridlocked drivers riding their horns are often the...

Thinking Small

Large, luxurious assisted-living facilities come with lots of amenities. But for some seniors, the comforts of a simpler home are a better fit. Residents of the area's larger, high-end assisted living communities—the kind where they can visit a beauty salon,...

Repositioning cruises offer real bargains

Each fall and spring, a quiet migration takes place as cruise lines move their ships from one geographical area to another. But these ships do not sail empty. They are full of passengers taking advantage of the best value in cruising. Published in Washington Beacon,...

Spiritual Retreats

Find Some Peace: A spiritual retreat can let you not only achieve some calm but also contemplate the important things in life. Published in Washingtonian, August 2017. Read the article >...

Nashville… for Washingtonians

Beyond the Beltway: Even if you love our town, it's nice to get away. This month: America's country-music capital. Published in Washingtonian, October 2016, pages 111–112. Read the article...

First Person

First Person: Crossing Over. Yes, I have cancer, but no treatment's needed – yet. And then? Published in Washingtonian, May 2017, page 224. Read the article...

Nearly Nantucket

Hometowns: With its weekend influx of the rich and powerful, St. Michaels is quickly becoming Maryland's answer to the tony Massachusetts enclave. Published in Chesapeake Life, pages 73–77. Read the article...

Remember When?

Assisted Living: For residents of memory-care facilities, the best medicine often is reconnecting with the past. Published in Washingtonian, March 2017, pages 167–169. Read the article...

Home Sweet Homestead

Capital Comment: How has Washington changed over the years? Ask staffers at the resort that's been serving locals since 1766. Published in Washingtonian, December 2016, pages 16–17. Read the article...

Lake Como, Italy

Leaderboard, Destinations: Lake Como, Italy. Published in Links Magazine, November–December 2016. Read the article >

Downsizing My Dad

Assisted Living: How we sorted, packed, and weeded out decades of memories to prepare for the move into assisted living. Tips for downsizing an aging parent's home. Published in Washingtonian, November 2016, pages 279–281. Read the article...

In D.C. and Alexandria, A Woman’s Political Place

There’s always a place for politics in this town. And there are some specific sites if you’re looking for the history of women in the Democratic and Republican parties. Published in The Washington Post, July 21, 2016. Read the article...

‘We had to do something’

As my father's mental and physical health began to decline, I found myself in the very confusing and complicated world of eldercare. Published in Bethesda Magazine, May–June 2015, pages 262–271. Read the article...

Cabin John

Street Smart: Nuggets from the Neighborhoods Sandwiched between Glen Echo and Potomac in Montgomery County, Cabin John has only one square mile of land and about 850 households, but on weekends, MacArthur Boulevard resembles a Tour de France route. Cabin John...

First Person: Damian McCabe of McCabe World Travel

First Person: Damian McCabe, 55, 
owner, McCabe World Travel “What do you do with your disposable income?” My career began with that question, posed by a travel agency owner I met at a party 30 years ago. My reply was quick and clear: “Travel every chance I get.” I...

First Person: Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne of Georgetown Cupcake

First Person: Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne, 
co-owner, Georgetown Cupcake We spent our last $50 on our only advertising, a banner announcing the opening of our new cupcake bakery. I don’t know if it was the chocolate aroma escaping from cracks in the old wooden...

Travel: Haute Explorer

The anchorman stands at the top of the cliff, securing a rope for the young islanders who swing like Tarzan from ledge to ledge below. Pausing from time to time, the daredevils inspect the tiny, white, speckled ovals that litter the bluff’s steep face. From the upper...

Animal House

First Person Singular: Animal House. Interview with TJ Fisher, carousel staffer, Glen Echo Park. Published in Washington Post Magazine, August 26, 2012. Read the interview...

AARP Hearing Loss Resource Guide 2012

At AARP, we know having the right information matters. That’s why we’re excited to bring you this hearing loss resource guide. It brings together some of the best and most current thinking on hearing loss prevention and management. Published January 5, 2012 Read the...

Saying Goodbye

Our Pets: My poodle Lacey, rushed to the door when I came home and kept me company for 16 years. Losing her was harder than I'd ever imagined. Published in Washingtonian, April 2011, page 203. Read the article...

Fogarty Awards $7M to Combat Chronic Diseases

Fogarty is continuing efforts to tackle the growing epidemic of chronic diseases in the developing world, awarding seven new grants totaling about $6.8 million over five years to support research training in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and other...

US Global Health Plans are Further Defined

The U.S. government continues to define how it will implement its Global Health Initiative, announcing new countries to be included, specific goals for USAID and CDC, as well as a fund that will support health projects targeting women and girls. Global Health Matters,...

Italy’s Aeolian Islands Travel Guide

If you’re not familiar with Italy’s Aeolian Islands, don’t worry, you’re not alone. This volcanic archipelago north of Sicily is a popular summer getaway for island-hopping Europeans, but its less-then-accessible location means it’s mostly off the radar for American...

Prefer a Hot Spot? Try Miami

Miami, our nation’s youngest big city—founded in 1896—may also be the most vibrant. Published online in the Washingtonian, March 22, 2010. Read the article >

NIH Partners with PEPFAR to Strengthen Medical Education in Africa

The NIH has announced a new initiative to strengthen medical education in sub-Saharan Africa, in collaboration with the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, known as PEPFAR. Global Health Matters, March–April 2010. Fogarty International Center, National...

President’s Budget Request Boosts Global Health

President Barack Obama reinforced his commitment to both global health and biomedical research in his 2011 budget pro-posal. Global Health Matters, January–February 2010. Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human...

Around Antietam

The Long Weekend: USA/Mid-Atlantic – Established in 1776 and named for Gen. George Washington, 458-square-mile Washington County, Maryland is – no surprise – pure Americana. Published in National Geographic Traveler, November–December 2009, page 103. Read the article...

Sicily’s Siracusa: Almost Grecian

Siracusa, once was one of the great powers of the Western world, is absent from lists of most visited places in Italy. Published in Dream of Italy, September 2009. Read the article >

Off the Brochure Travel Guide: Salt Lake City, Utah

Think Salt Lake City is a destination reserved for Mormons and skiers? Well, that certainly a part of it, but Ann Cochran uncovers some unexpected gems in the "Crossroads of the West." Published online at Peter Greenberg Worldwide, September 2009. Read the article...

Art at Every Turn

Day Trips: On a day trip to Baltimore's Mount Vernon, enjoy historic architecture, cutting-edge art, creative tapas, and America's best bar. Published in Washingtonian, September 2009, pages 92–94. Read the article...

Trip of Renewal: Sedona

Winner, Trips of Renewal Essay Contest 2009 I traveled alone to red-rock country in Sedona, Arizona. The drive from the airport took me past places named Horsethief Basin, Big Bug Creek, and Soldier Pass Road, evoking scenes from our national identity and Hollywood...

Town-hopping on Lake Como

Take it free and easy on this Italian gem, soaking up the romantic vibe, Mediterranean style, and Alpine views. Published in DV – Destination: Vacation, Winter 2008. Read the article...

Good Things, Small Packages

Destinations Maryland: Maryland may not be that big, but that just means your group can cover more ground, exploring its manu and diverse attractions – from boardwalks to battlefields – along the way. Published in GTP, September 2008, pages 49–55. Read the article...

Positively Penn Quarter

A downtown Washington, DC, neighborhood offers a taste of city life that transcends politics. Published in Renaissance, Summer 2008, pages 14–20. Read the article...

On a Hill in Italy

The Long Weekend: Europe – On a Hill in Italy Published in National Geographic Traveller, July–August, 2008. Read the article >

A Tale of Seven Stars and A Butler

"Think of the butler as your personal assistant," advised the young lady who checked me into the Town House Galleria in Milan. Published in Dream of Italy, June 2008. Read the article...

“Mom, Let’s Do It Again!”

Kids grow up quickly. On a parent/child trip, you can stop time a little and form wonderful memories. Published in Washingtonian, May 2008, pages 92–93. Read the article...

Hitting the Links Italian Style

I believe it is safe to say Italy will never be marketed as "golf's next Ireland." Published in Dream of Italy, April, 2008. Read the article >

“Like, Whatever” The Insiders Guide to Raising Teens

Your teen may think he or she is almost an adult who doesn’t need your advice. Not!! You as a parent still have much influence over your kids during this last stage of childhood. In Like, Whatever, 15 experts who are also parents help you navigate through these...

The Italian Job

The winning and dining is king, but the chipping and putting isn't bad. Published in Golf Styles - The 2008 Travel Planner, December 2007, pages 88–91. Read the article...

Off the Brochure Travel Guide: Washington D.C.

Whether Washington D.C. brings to mind power and patriotism or political strife and pork barrel spending, the nation’s capital attracts more than 20 million visitors each year. Tourism is second only to the federal government as Washington’s primary industry....

Deep in Tidewater History

The Long Weekend: USA/EAST – Deep in Tidewater History Published in National Geographic Traveller, July–August, 2007, page 124. Read the article >

Alta or Bassa: Bergamo Enchants

"Bergamo is a city of marvels." said architect Frank Lloyd Wright. "It is amazing: it stuns whoever comes near it." Published in Dream of Italy, June 2007. Read the article...

The Wedding Planner

When Ashley Marriott called home to Potomac last summer, she had two big announcements: She was getting married and she wanted to have the wedding in four months. That's when her mother, Julie swung into action. Published in Bethesda Magazine, January–February 2007,...

Art-Filled Getaway

History meets fine art and pop culture at Nemacolin. Art & Antiques Collector's Sourcebook Special 2007 Edition, pages 104–110. Read the article >

Washington D.C. City Guide

Washington, DC, Architecture & Landmarks Washington is known worldwide for classic architecture and is home to many of the most important and recognizable landmarks in the United States. George Washington held a design competition, taking special care to select an...

My Son the Mormon

When he told me he wanted to become a Mormon at age 16, I faced strong reactions from people close to me – and had questions of my own. Published in Washingtonian, September 2006, pages 43–48. Read the article...

Be My Guest: Washington DC

The seat of the US government and the home to the President, Washington DC is fast becoming a major power player in the nation's cultural and restaurant scene, too, says Ann Cochran. Published in Mandarin Oriental, April 2006, pages 62–63. Read the article...

Look Who’s Talking

Sister Sister, DC's own hotel heiresses are all grown up. Jennifer Marriott Jackson and Ashley Marriott. Publish in DC magazine, March 2006, page 232. Read the article...

The Rail Thing

A Southern journey on these vintage train cars offers history, nouvelle cuisine and even a nostalgic stop at Richmond's Broad Street Station. Ann Cochran rides the American Orient Express through Virginia and the deep South. Published in Virginia Living, February...

The Radar Golf

Give your golfer what they never knew they always wanted. Published in DC magazine, November 2005, page 134. Read the article >

Clutter Control

Home Offices: Think you need all those papers and files? So did I. Then I got organized. Published in Washingtonian, August 2005, pages 152–157. Read the article...

Creating a Great Workspace

Home Offices: Where to find desks, bookcases, chairs, file cabinets, and more. Published in Washingtonian, August 2005, pages 159–168. Read the article...

Hillwood Museum and Gardens

Day Trip: Hillwood Museum and Gardens. Published in Washington Gardener, May–June 2005, pages 26–28. Read the article >

Wedding Planning Expert Advice

Wedding Planning Expert Advice: Wedding planners' top tips for creating a stellar wedding. Published in Modern Bride, Spring 2005. Read the article...

Ireland, Decidedly Not by the Book

Travel: She's got no time for Blarney. Ann Cochran's visit to the Emerald Isle is all spas, horses and castles. Published in Virginia Living, August 2004, pages 38–41. Read the article...

Play Among the Plantation Set

Virginia Weekends: You too can be a Virginia squire. It's the ultimate Virginia fantasy – to be the proprietor of your own plantation. Published in Virginia Living, April 2004, pages 131–135. Read the article...

“I’m Sorry to Tell You This…”

Real Life: My son was very sick. Suddenly I was dealing with brain surgeons, an ex-husband, the White House physician and the biggest challenge of my life. You're so lucky. Published in Washingtonian, April 2003, pages 119–123. Washington Writing Prize (awarded by...

Shot Values & Family Values

Family Destinations: Family vacations to the Middle Atlantic's top resort destinations can be fun and learning experiences for the kids, especially when they are not tagging along with Mom and Dad. Tips for golf trips with kids. Published in Washington Golf Monthly,...

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